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APFI Operations

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APFI Operations
Amy's Pomeroon Foods Inc, with its factory located in Liliendaal, Guyana and houses it storage bins and bays, processing equipment, and offices, is one of the country's most sophisticated roasting and grinding facility as part of its operations which features include:
  • Turkish coffee processing experience and expertise
  • Tons of coffee green bean storage bins
  • Redundant power and backup systems
  • Custom roasting (City, Full City, Vienna, French, Italian etc.) on request
  • International roasting and cupping expertise
  • 8-position grinding machine defining coarseness
  • 10 ton storage bay for finished goods
  • Electronically profiled toasting
  • Home and business packs
  • Air tight packaging from triple materials (PET/AL/PE) with one-way valve
  • Taste and aroma protection after opening package with tin-tie closure strips
  • Cupping and tasting practices on new roasts
  • Semi-automatic packaging
  • Climate controller factory
  • International distribution reach





Coffee cherries are produced in the rich tannin banks of the Pomeroon River, Guyana. The original variety, Typica, introduced by the Dutch almost three centuries earlier has changed, not by man hands, but by nature. As would be expected, any variety would mutate to adapt to its surroundings over such a lengthy period.

And Pomeroon Typica has gotten better.

APFI pays upstream processors (washing, pulping, fermenting, drying and hulling) located in the River, premium prices for the beans that they produce from hand-picked cherries. These are transported to its factory located at Liliendaal, Georgetown for downstream processing (roasting, grinding and packaging). For blending, APFI obtains the Mundo Novo variety from Santos, Brazil.

These are high quality beans formed by combining the original varieties to the Region, Typica and Bourbon, the latter being introduced to French Guiana from the Island of Bourbon, now renamed Reunion.


APFI in its Fair Trade commerce provides jobs and supports hundreds of Guyanese families, farmers and workers. 

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