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In our goal of providing the U.S.A with the best of all natural products made in Guyana, we have partnered up with Guyanese brands to share their unique story to the world.




Our Manufacturers 

Amy's Pomeroon Foods, Inc

Amy's Pomeroon Foods, Inc is a small food processing Company formed in 2013 with its factory located at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara, Guyana. Manufacturing from the oldest coffee strain in the New World brought to Guyana from Europe three centuries ago, a time when Guyana was once one of the world's largest exporter of coffee that helped to kick off the coffee industry in Columbia and Brazil.

The foods processed there originates in the agricultural regions of Guyana, especially Pomeroon River, Essequibo, an area that is part of the Amazon Basin. Water in the Pomeroon River is of a dark red color extracted from the tannin of fallen leaves over which the rain water travels on its way to the River. Since 1650, when a small group of Dutch Settlers settled the banks of the River, organized farming has been its main occupation. 

Amy's Pomeroon Coffee is produced to the highest standards using a 5-step wet-process of its coffee cherries, and packaged in air tight, triple-layered (AL/PET/PE) bags with one-way air valves to keep the coffee always fresh. Inaddition, tin-ties are provided to maintain that freshness even after opening.



Nature's Finest

Nature's Finest is a Guyanese manufacturing business which was founded by a cancer survivor who turned to herbal remedies to treat her condition. Nature's Finest Herbal Teas are made from the exact raw ingredients in each variation to help promote a healthy lifestyle.

Nature's Finest's herbal teas are made with only the raw and fresh dried leaves of the various plants cultivated in Guyana.